• Carlos De Jesus M.Div

Good Friday Service @ Bethel of Houston.

I attended Good Friday service at Bethel of Houston, near the Tanglewood/Galleria area. Worship was pleasant and deeply spiritual sharing traditional hymns mixed with contemporary styles. Not sure how that works since it caters to two very different generations, however I enjoyed both (perhaps it is the secret sauce). Those closes to me would be shocked to find me in this traditional setting. However, I must truly say that it was an edifying experience. When describing Bethel, it is a church with doctrinal substance. Pastor Wayne Smith gave sermon highlighting perhaps the most precise explanation of the necessity of Christ's suffering. It ended with holy communion and a moment for the congregation to reflect on the observation's implication. I have attended several times on Sunday morning and sense that perhaps the church is trying to find a voice in the middle between those that enjoy a more traditional liturgy and those that enjoy a more contemporary form. Another important thing to note; Bethel is very clear regarding the reformed perspective on theology. If you do not identify as reformed, do not be shocked to see these themes throughout sermons. They also seem to hold a cessationist view of the Holy Spirit's ministry. The doctrine is solid, the worship is biblical and I can recommend this church to anyone seeking a healthy biblical church.


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