Calling Believers To Biblical Orthodoxy

Hi, my name is Pastor Ben and I need your help. If you are a born again Christian I think you would agree things have changed much in Church in the last decade. We have made all attempts to attract new listeners and visitors with poor spiritual results. We have tried the seeker sensitive approach, sacrificed Godly worship on the altar of post-modernism. We have worn the skinny jeans, turned on fog machines, stage lights.. again, with no fruit to show for it. When that didn't work we watered down our messages and replaced doctrine with therapy sessions. Ultimately many churches gather to worship themselves more than God. I created Theo-logos to correct this course and reorientate believers to their God-given heritage.

My goal is to lead as many as I can back to biblical orthodoxy. You have a unique opportunity to promote a cause that proudly stands by biblical truths without compromise. But like everything else in life, bills have due dates. Like most of you, I vomit when I see manipulative practices when it comes to funding ministries. I will never promote 401K god (sowing to reap), prayer for money, "love gifts" for overpriced signed bibles. All I have to offer is my voice for the message God has placed in my heart. If you join the cause, you will ensure that I can eat.. pay my light bill and pour more resources into theo-logos. I humbly thank you for your help. 


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